​Let the insanity commence!  ​​
The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
- Satan                         
Milton's Paradise Lost 

Three-piece Extreme Metal act from the foggy Hellish shores of Atlantic Canada!
After their 2013 debut Winterhearth quickly gained recognition from the local metal scene gaining die-hard fans that rally out to every show. Excitement spread as local media outlets such as The Scope and The Newfoundland Herald took notice giving them enough exposure to reach number six on Fred’s Records chart. Once Metaheads Forever Magazine heard Winterhearth’s Curse the Summer they reached out for an interview which paved the way for a wave of new fans internationally. The melding of early black metal influences with a heavy dose of thrash and death elements brought Winterhearth’s sophomore album Resettlement into a dense realm of force. After realizing that Winterhearth is the raw embodiment of metal, Metalheads Forever asked the band to record an official anthem for the community and the result was 3:30 minutes of amalgamated metal insanity released early 2017.  

                                                                                         - Jay Rollins